Copyright Policy


The copyright of this website belongs to the uses content obtained from vendors and 3rd parties who may not be the original holders of the copyright therein. All users must assume that copyright protection is applicable to all content and materials that is displayed on the company webpage. Any modification, reproduction or redistribution of all or part of this content featured on the website in any way is prohibited. You are allowed to print, download, or display content to your local hard disk as extracts for noncommercial or personal use but only if it is acknowledged that the website is the source of such material. You are not allowed, except if you have express written consent from, to commercially exploit or distribute content of this website. You are also forbidden from sending or storing content on other websites or in any other electronic retrieval systems.


Intellectual Property Rights Policy contains the Adybird trademark, trademark creations, logos, trade name, service marks and other trademarks as the intellectual property of  or their respective 3rd parties or vendors. You are in complete understanding that utilizes the marks of such vendors and 3rd parties for promotional purposes. has no intention of acquiring the right to use this license. You are not allowed to use these marks without prior consent from, the third party or the vendor. If you do, reserves the right to delete or terminate your personal account.

You in agreement not to challenge the registration, application to register the Marks,  to use anywhere on the globe, and that you won’t harm, bring disrepute or misuse to any marks.

All domain names, marks, trade dress, including “feel and look” of the company , its graphics, interfaces, texts, button icons, etc. and their arrangements is the sole property of, its 3rd parties and vendors. All contents here are protected under stringent copyright laws and trademark. If you notice any content on the company website that violates intellectual property rights, please feel free to send an infringement notice to at


Notification of Copyright Infringement


  1. If you own the copyright of any content on www.adybird.comand it was uploaded without your prior consent, or if you believe the content was copied in a way that constitutes infringement, please provide the following details to the Company Manager or Secretary Legal of
  •          A statement indicating clearly the specific content on the company website which you feel infringes upon your copyright;
  •          The description and title of the content, as indicated on the company website followed by the complete URL of the web page where this content is available;
  •          Description of the work or content, the copyright which you won and believe was infringed upon. If this information is available on the Web, please send this link to;
  •          The country in which your copyright is applicable;
  •          Explanation of how your content on the company website infringes upon your rights
  •          Your personal contact information so that may get in touch with you
  •          Your contact details if can pass to the submitter of the indicated content in order to resolve the complaint directly;
  •          A statement of good faith from you indicating that the disputed content was not authorized by the copyright owner and was not permitted by law;
  •          A statement made by you under the penalty of perjury that states that the above mentioned information is precise and that you are the rightful owner of this copyright information and are authorized to act on its behalf.


  1.       Please affix a physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner. If the notice is being provided via email, a scanned copy of the physical signature or a valid electronic is also acceptable.


  1.       Please mail your copyright violation notice to the attention of Secretary/Manager-Legal at:

Email address:

Mail address:

Contact information:


  1.       Please the information contained in this document may be forwarded to the individual who may have provided the infringing content.


  1.       Any person who misrepresents any activity or material that is infringing is subject to legal liability.


  1.       The Company Manager or Secretary must be contacted if you believe your work was copied or used in such a manner that constitutes copyright infringement. And that this infringement is happening on the company website. All other inquiries that are directed to the Company Manager or Secretary Legal will not be responded to. Such inquiries should be sent via appropriate feedback procedures that are mentioned on the company website.